Pop-Up Footscan analysis clinic

Pop up Biomechanical & Footscan Clinic with Colin Papworth & Sarah Bradley Sunday 12th November and Sunday 10th December.

Who is Colin?

Colin boasts two decades of extensive experience in addressing foot-related injuries. His expertise encompasses individuals of various activity levels and sports backgrounds. Whether your foot discomfort is impeding your daily routine or hindering your athletic pursuits, Colin is well-equipped to provide assistance. His primary objective is to establish connections between your foot mechanics and your specific injury by closely examining your movement patterns and the interactions between your feet and the ground.


Biomechanical and Footscan Appointments

Feet are amazing. They have a lot of work to do during our daily activities and then some if we do specific sports or training. Often good foot function is the key to good performance and reducing injuries. How your feet work can also play a direct role in any injuries you may be experiencing. Our biomechanical assessment and footscan appointments will provide an in-depth analysis of your foot issue and how this may have occurred.

What happens at your appointment?

We will undertake a thorough examination of your foot issue and how your feet are working. You will then stand and walk on the Footscan mat. This shows us how you put your weight on each foot in stance and walking and how you move over your feet. This helps explain why you are having the problems you present with. From this information we can then discuss the best treatments that will suit your issue and the way you walk. Treatments can include, orthoses – insoles to go into your footwear to help address the issues we have identified, laser, exercises and will discuss how to manage your weight bearing activity so that you are not continuing to cause the problem.

How to Book You can book online here and select "Biomechanical with Footscan" appointment.

Contact us on 0161 7662766 were you can speak to a member of our admin team.