How to get rid of a verruca.

How to get rid of a verruca is one of the most commonly searched terms for Podiatry treatment. Here we'll tell you a little more about how we answer this question!
We get asked questions about verruca treatments almost every day.

At One Step Ahead Podiatry our preferred treatment is Swift Microwave therapy.

What causes verrucas?

Verrucae are caused by variants of the HPV virus. There are around 5 common strains of the virus which cause verrucae and warts, but there are over a hundred variants of HPV in total, some rarer than others. As verrucae are viral, treatment depends on the body developing an immune response and eradicating the virus.

The virus can sit undetected in the skin for several years, and having a verruca for a long time doesn’t necessarily mean you have a weak immune system. It’s just a very clever virus!

How does this treatment work?

Swift uses microwaves applied to the skin using a small probe, which creates heat within the tissues. This heat is enough to create an inflammatory response in the tissues without causing tissue destruction. The chemicals released in the skin by inflammation alert the white blood cells to an issue in the skin, and they will then investigate, detect the virus, develop antibodies, and eradicate it.

What is the treatment like?

Treatment with Swift is quick – only lasting seconds. It can be slightly uncomfortable, due to the heat generated in the skin. People experience this differently – some say it feels sharp, like a needle, others describe it as feeling hot. However, we always talk you through treatment and help you cope with any discomfort.

Once treatment is complete, there is no discomfort afterwards, and no need for dressings or to keep the area dry.

How to get rid of a verruca - Verruca under the foot

How long does it take to get rid of a verruca?

This varies for everyone! We use a course of treatment for Swift, as it can take more than one application to resolve a verruca. We would carry out one treatment, then review a month later. If the lesion hasn’t resolved, then we would carry out a second application of the Swift. We leave a month gap as it takes time for new skin cells to develop and the old ones to come away, so it takes time to see any changes in the skin. Think how long it takes for a graze to heal, for example – it takes time for the skin to recover. On average, around 80% of verrucae will resolve within the 3 treatments.


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