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One Step Ahead Podiatry Clinic in Whitefield, Manchester

Where you’ll find us

One Step Ahead Podiatry Clinic is located within the Inglewood House Dental Practice on Bury New Road in Whitefield. We're conveniently situated opposite the Metro station and Morrisons supermarket.

Please use the bell to the left of the front door and we will let you in to the building. Alternatively, you can use the side disabled access door where there is a wheelchair ramp.

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How to reach us

Public Transport

We are just across the road from the Whitefield Metro Station. There is a bus stop outside the clinic for the Number 95 from Prestwick or Bury. We see people from many of the surrounding area such as Unsworth, Radcliffe, Prestwick and Sunny bank.

By Car

You can park for free for 2 hours at Morrisons giving you the option of having your treatment and then doing your shopping with a spring in your step. There is one designated disabled parking place at the rear of our clinic building which can be accessed off Grosvenor Road. Further parking places are also available at the rear of our clinic on a Saturday and Sunday.

Opening times

9 am - 4 pm
9 am - 7 pm
Thursday (alternate)
10 am - 4 pm
8:30 am - 4 pm
Saturday (alternate)
9:30 am - 1 pm
Sunday (alternate)
8:30 am - 2 pm

Alan Greenwood

"I would highly recommend the practice, it’s so convenient that I can bring my mum at the weekend and don’t have to take time out off work. Also, as my mum has limited mobility, the fact that the practice is so accessible is perfect - we just park at the back and it’s an easy transition. Sarah is always incredibly professional, attentive and friendly and I honestly wouldn’t want to take my mum anywhere else and she feels the same. Thank you so much."

Waiting room at One Step Ahead Podiatry Clinic in Whitefield, Manchester

Inside One Step Ahead Podiatry

Once we have let you in, please make your way along the corridor towards the rear of the building where you will find our waiting room. It's a spacious area we share with Kaye Physiotherapy.

There are toilets available for your convenience. You will see our adorable mouse door stop as you enter the waiting room. It was hand made by one of our patients!

FAQs for our Podiatry Clinic in Whitefield

What treatments for verrucae do you offer at One Step Ahead Podiatry?

Our main treatment for verrucae at One Step Ahead Podiatry is Swift microwave therapy. This technology uses microwaves to gently heat the tissues affected by the verruca virus, to help stimulate an immune response. The treatment takes seconds and doesn’t involve any dressings, after-care or keeping the feet dry after treatment.

How much does it cost to get a verruca treated at One Step Ahead Podiatry?

Our Swift microwave treatments cost £105 per session. More than one session may be required to resolve your verruca. Sessions are carried out monthly.

What patient facilities do you have at One Step Ahead Podiatry?

Our clinic is based within a dental practice. We have a comfortable waiting room for our patients to use, as well as access to toilet facilities. Our clinic room is well equipped with modern treatment modalities.

What specialist equipment do Podiatrists use to treat verrucae at One Step Ahead Podiatry?

At our clinic we have Swift microwave therapy, a therapeutic laser, a doppler to assess circulation and a dermatoscope for examining skin lesions under magnification.

How many Podiatrists work at One Step Ahead Podiatry?

We have three Podiatrists working at One Step Ahead Podiatry. Sarah Bradley is our Principal Podiatrist and practice owner. Working alongside her are Robert Nathan and Jamie Wylde.

All have a wealth of experience and there is nothing feet-related they have not seen before.

What main problems do the Podiatrists treat at One Step Ahead Podiatry?

The main problems we see in our clinic are -

  • verrucae,
  • ingrowing toenails,
  • fungal nails,
  • fungal skin infections,
  • corns,
  • callus,
  • heel pain,
  • forefoot pain.

However we deal with most common foot and lower limb complaints.

One Step Ahead Podiatry

225 Bury New Rd
M45 8GW