Introducing Phits Orthotics: Revolutionising Foot Health

What Are Phits Orthotics? What sets Phits apart is its innovative approach. These orthotics are the world’s first data-driven, 3D-printed solution. Making them tailored precisely to your unique foot dynamics. We achieve this by utilising advanced Footscan technology from Gait and Motion Ltd.  This captures your individual movements, providing a bespoke design that aligns perfectly…

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Pop-Up Footscan analysis clinic

Footscan graph

Pop up Biomechanical & Footscan Clinic with Colin Papworth & Sarah Bradley Sunday 12th November and Sunday 10th December. Who is Colin? Colin boasts two decades of extensive experience in addressing foot-related injuries. His expertise encompasses individuals of various activity levels and sports backgrounds. Whether your foot discomfort is impeding your daily routine or hindering…

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